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Fixing My Gut Changed My Life

Gut health is often overlooked and undiagnosed. But, I found a simple solution that gave me the knowledge and tools I needed for proper gut health and my life has never been the same.

Until I humiliated myself in front of my fiance's parents, I had no idea how unhealthy my gut was.

I've had some stomach issues from time to time in my life, but never anything that caused "problems." That is until I tried to get thin for the wedding. I’m an “older bride” so I had to get my health in order ASAP. I'd read about ways to lose weight and cut calories, and tried following some tips I'd read online. That was a BAD idea.

So there I was, eating a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and some turkey bacon. The bread was "whole wheat" from the store and I had a diet soda with it. The calorie count was super low...but OMG the stomach problems I started to have! I was basically eating like this for a few weeks and these issues got progressively worse. In hindsight, I should have seen this nightmare coming, but I guess I had to make some mistakes to learn a great lesson.

I don’t know what was worse, the gut pain or embarrassing myself in front of my future in-laws…

My future in-laws were in town as I was finishing lunch. They started talking to me when the pain began. I was trying to ignore it, but it kept getting more intense until happened.

I passed gas so loud, I think they heard it ten blocks away. And the odor...let's just say there wasn't a hole big enough for me to climb into.

I actually started crying from the embarrassment, but my now mother-in-law (who’s a bit older than I am) told me about something that really changed my life.

Instead of pointing and laughing, she said "Have you ever taken a Gut Intelligence™ Test dear?"

I was stunned, but really wanted to learn more.

"There was so much going on in my gut I didn’t know about, like how it connects to the rest of my body and my health."

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Learning About My Gut

Here are some mistakes I made that are probably obvious to you, but weren’t obvious to me at the time:

  • The bread was loaded with gluten

  • The sandwich had organic spinach, but I later found out that was making me bloated (more on that later)

  • The turkey bacon was low in calories but SUPER processed

  • The diet soda had artificial sweeteners

That last one was a doozy. According to a UK study, these artificial sweeteners promote pathogenic changes in certain gut bacteria. I just didn't know these "fake sugars" were highly likely to raise the risk of both inflammation and glucose intolerance.

Your gut is the key to overall health.
It's time to fix your gut and optimize your life.

It All Started With Mailing My Poop

There was nothing more embarrassing than tooting in front of my in-laws, so why not mail my poop, I thought. 

My mother-in-law (Pam) told me about this Gut Intelligence™ Test kit from Viome. She said she'd used it and learned so much from it. 

She told me she had no idea how much her diet was damaging her entire body by interfering with good gut health. Like me, she thought she had been eating all the right things. 

So...yes I took the first step and put my poop in a box and then into the mail (it's honestly a LOT less gross than it sounds). 

Then, this company called Viome used my stool sample and gave me a serious rundown on so much health information. I received more than 20 gut health scores breaking down what was going right and wrong in my stomach. 

Viome also gave me amazing information on which "healthy" foods were actually harmful to me.

Remember when I said the spinach was making me bloated? And those artificial sweeteners were problems, too? Well, those were the kinds of things the Gut Intelligence™ Test told me! Like, eating veggies is a good thing…but only if you eat the veggies that work with your gut!

There is a huge difference between nightshades and leafy greens and root vegetables. And, unless you have a test that can help you pick the right foods for you, you might think you’re eating healthy…but you’re just making yourself feel worse!

They also gave me a list of supplements to improve my gut health. I even received recommendations on specific probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers. I spent hours learning about my own body, I was blown away!

 The Gut Intelligence™ Test kit was even more personalized than the wedding dress I bought (and came at a much lower price thankfully).

 Put simply - the gut microbiome is super important, way more so than I understood. And without Viome's help, I wouldn't have known how my diet and daily, mindless activities were making things worse!

My day was filled with things like:

  • Drinking diet soda Eating processed foods

  • Ignoring any bloating or discomfort I felt

  • Eating the wrong ‘healthy foods’

But Viome helped me recognize what I needed to do next.


Your gut is the key to overall health.
It's time to fix your gut and fix your life.

Viome Gives You Knowledge

Viome has one mission - helping people live a healthy life. A bunch of scientists, nutritionists, researchers, doctors and other really smart people all work together to make this super easy for the average person (like me).

After I sent in my stool sample, it was Viome that evaluated my gut microbiome. The gut is the largest micro-ecosystem in the body, and it's shown to impact the ability to fight off sickness, digest food, lose weight and so much more.

Viome examined what microbes I had in my gut, if they were balanced, and how/if it was affecting my health.

What My Poop Told Viome

It was a simple process, I registered the kit I got in the mail, collected my little "sample" and sent it to their certified lab. Then I completed the questionnaire and got my results in a little over 2 weeks. I learned I had an imbalance in my microbiome, and that's not all.

I got a very detailed report on my gut health AND some great recommendations and probiotics geared toward my specific needs.

One of the best parts is all of the information was available on my cell phone. I was worried it was going to be some long, drawn out report, but there it was, available wherever I went!

See Viome wasn't offering me a "one size fits all" response, my report and the guidance they offered were all personalized to me and my specific needs.

The Gut Intelligence™ Test actually uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver powerful, thorough insight into health. I felt like my gut was starring in a Sci-fi movie, lol.

Viome Does More Than Examine Poop

After taking the test and seeing not just what was wrong with my gut, but also what Viome recommended I do about it, I took the plunge.

Viome offered gut probiotic and prebiotic options, and even provided a way for me to get what I needed from Viome itself. I figured, they already have my gut report, they're probably the ones best able to help me restore my gut health.

The timing might be a little bit different for everyone, but after taking the recommended supplements (along with following their food guidance), my digestive tract felt way better. Plus, I was still able to lose weight for my wedding!

My customized food list went through over 400 foods and sorted them into 4 categories - Avoid, Minimize, Enjoy, and Superfood. I used that list to help my gut and help me lose weight without feeling bloated all the time!

When I walked down the aisle, I not only looked great, but I FINALLY felt great. See, I had no idea how bad I'd been feeling until I got my gut healthy. It was like night and day!

Viome makes it super easy, they offer insight on:

  • Vitamins

  • Digestive enzymes

  • Polyphenols

  • Amino acids

  • Minerals

  • Herbs

  • Food Extracts

Plus, on their website you can order a test along with the exact precision probiotics and prebiotics that’ll help improve your gut health. They give you the information and the tools to put your digestive health on the right track.

I'd ABSOLUTELY Recommend Viome 

I took the Gut Intelligence™ Test after my mother-in-law gave me the inside scoop, and we're both so happy we did! She felt gassy and bloated for decades until she got the gut health information she needed from Viome. That’s how she knew my little “episode” was something more than nerves.

Honestly, my opinion aside, Viome's Gut Intelligence™ Test will allow them to analyze things like:

  • Inflammatory activity in your gut

  • If you're having trouble breaking down certain foods

  • If opportunistic microbes are causing problems

  • If your microbes are impacting your blood sugar response

  • And much more.

It's worth taking the test even just to learn what's going on inside your digestive tract!

 Right now, Viome is even offering $100 off the Gut Intelligence™ Test! If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will!

Trust your Gut. Protect your Immunity.

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your symptoms.

What Viome Customers Are Saying

Dawn A.

Here we are 2 months in, and the results speak for themselves. I’ve lost 15 lbs and I’m still losing. Eating what my body needs. Not what someone is telling me to eat or what I think I need. But literally exactly what the DATA is saying I need to heal my body and my metabolic system to optimize fat loss and performance.

Yes, I recommend this test.

Quality of Test

Value of Test

Ricky V.

I took the full body intelligence and I am blown away by my test scores. I have stuck to the foods I am supposed to eat and have completely removed those that I must avoid. I FEEL AMAZING!! Stomach is flatter, no bloating. It’s so cool!

Yes, I recommend this test.

Quality of Test

Value of Test

Marsha F.

I'm currently on my second supply of personalized supplements. The improvements I've seen continue to amaze me. By following the program: avoiding the foods I'm not supposed to have, adding in an abundance of my superfoods and taking the personalized supplements it is truly amazing how much better I am feeling. I'm no longer bloated, I have less brain fog, I'm sleeping better!! Incredible!!

Yes, I recommend this test.

Quality of Test

Value of Test

Grant D.

I have been to dozens of doctors trying to get my fatigue under control. I have tried thousands of dollars of supplements and probiotics. Nothing has worked. However, by mostly following the Viome diet + supplements + probiotics. I feel the best I have in my entire life. I was extremely skeptical, but it was worth a shot and it really has helped me.

Yes, I recommend this test.

Quality of Test

Value of Test

Your gut is the key to overall health.
It's time to fix your gut and optimize your life.

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